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Is There Such a Thing as Dental Urgent Care?

Posted on 12/15/2023 by Cooley Smiles Lynwood
Concerned patient discussing her tooth pain with her dentist while sitting in a dental chair at Cooley Smiles in Lynnwood, WAWhen you have an injury to your mouth, there is no time to waste, especially if there is a lot of damage. But what if the trauma to your mouth occurs in the middle of the night or on the weekend? It is time to visit an emergency dentist or an urgent dental care center. These facilities can help you begin the healing process and move you forward on the path to restoring your smile.

Urgent vs. Emergency Care

When an illness or an injury happens in the middle of the night, you may be able to visit an urgent care center or the emergency room of a hospital. In general, if your illness is not life-threatening or does not happen in the middle of the night, you can visit an urgent care center. These centers can handle a variety of illnesses or injuries quickly.

Dental care also has emergency care and urgent care, depending on what area of the country you live in. There are specific times you will want to visit an emergency dental office as opposed to a dental urgent care center. If you are losing an excessive amount of blood, have extreme pain, or are suffering from multiple broken bones in your face, it is time to visit an emergency dental office. If there is no emergency dentist in your area, check with the dentist to determine what you should do in case of an emergency.

If you have an injury to your face that may not be as severe as multiple broken bones or serious blood loss, you should be able to visit an urgent care dental facility. Most dentists provide urgent care in their offices, or they can refer you to an urgent care facility. Be sure that you know where to go if you or a member of your family suffers an injury.

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