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What Is a Distal Tooth Surface?

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Photo of distal tooth fromCooley Smiles in Lynnwood, WAAll of your teeth have names. No, our dentists did not name them! Scientists and dentists did this so they could identify all of the parts of your teeth and be able to easily refer to them where everyone understands each other. That is how very important your teeth are. One of the surfaces of your tooth is called the distal surface. Here is some information about the distal surface of human teeth.

Where Is the Distal Tooth Surface Located?

The distal tooth surface is the name for the back of your tooth. It is not the biting surface of your tooth but the back of your tooth below the biting edge. The word distal means far away from, and in human anatomy, distal means away from the center of the body.

Problems With the Distal Tooth Surface

Because it is in the rear of your tooth, you may have problems with the distal surface. First, the distal surface is difficult to clean because you cannot see it properly. This is especially true for the distal surface closest to the gumline, as it is the most difficult to see. Like your other teeth, the distal tooth surface can become a site for bacteria to grow, which means you are more likely to have cavities and gum disease on the distal surface of your teeth than on the other surfaces.

Caring For Your Distal Tooth Surface

If you want to avoid cavities or periodontal disease, you need to keep your distal surfaces clean. Be sure that you are thoroughly brushing the back of your teeth right down to the gumline and flossing carefully twice a day every day. If you do not think that you are cleaning your distal surfaces thoroughly, you may want to add mouthwash as a rinse after you floss. Look for a mouthwash that advocates for dental health, such as gum care.

Not sure if you are cleaning the distal surface of your tooth effectively? Why not let our dentist take a look at your teeth and help you find ways to clean them in the best way possible? Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

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